2009 Toy Drive

In an effort to reach out to our larger community and make a difference, Gay Visalia presents our first annual Holiday Toy Drive. This year we are supporting Child Welfare Services (CWS) and their -Brighten a Child’s Winter Sky” program. There are many, many children who are in the system that deserve to have a happy holiday season. Please help us in putting smiles on those innocent little faces. Please open your hearts to those children who might not otherwise have a reason to be joyous.



You may visit the CWS website (click link above) to learn more about their program and also to get gift ideas. You can select an age group and even buy for individual children if you wish. Otherwise, we really need toys for ages 5+, boys and girls. Let’s not forget about those teens either! Gift cards are accepted and would make an easy purchase for you. Also, if you don’t have time to go out and buy something I will accept cash donations and do the shopping myself.


You may drop off your NEW, UNWRAPPED toys at Lawrence Tractor Co. in
Visalia or at my house (
address upon request). Also, if you are a business owner or individual who would like to provide a drop off location please contact me so I can let people know (thank you!). If you work or go to school you can always have co-workers and friends get involved too.


I would love to see us collect 200 toys, please help us reach that goal! Our toy drive will last through December 10th. We will be dropping off our collection on their deadline of December 11th. Those wonderful social worker’s will then have the pain staking task of wrapping them all but then the emotional satisfaction of delivering them and seeing happy little faces.


Thank you all in advance for your participation! Thank you for making a difference in our society. This will be the first of many outreach activities we will be hosting. Change is on the horizon and it’s up to us to make that change. A better world is everyone’s responsibility. We can do a lot of good while trying to sway mindsets. After all, the quickest way to an adversaries mind is through his heart. Let’s love them to death!


~Peace be with you all~


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