ACLU Goes After FCC Health Instructor

The ACLU has drafted a letter to the President of Fresno City College, to
issue a formal complaint about Bradley Lopez, a health instructor at the
school. They claim his teachings include various religious based arguments as
well as anti-gay misinformation being shown to the students. Some of what the
ACLU says Mr. Bradley has…

*Presented media labeled as "homosexual facts" which state that
homosexuality is a "biological misapplication of human sexuality" and
that the "condition" of homosexuality can be treated with hormones or

*Presented LGBT Americans as a burden on society.

*Used biblical quotes as "empirical evidence" that life begins
at conception and therefore, abortion is murder.

*Stated that the climate change to be worried about is the biblical
description of the world ending in fire.

Mr. Lopez responded in December, stating that he only provides students with
"measured, scientific information in current issues and health", as
well as noting his disagreement with the concept of the separation of church
and state.

While free speech is, of course, Mr. Lopez’s right outside the classroom,
the ACLU reminds that "as a tax supported entity, FCC must of course
comply with state and federal law, which prohibits religious indoctrination in
public education

The ACLU has demanded a response from the school by February 15th.

Read the ACLU letter here…ACLU

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