April Book Review

Drag Queen in the Court of Death  

Author : Caro Soles

Rating: One Thumb Up- One Down

For a murder mystery I thought that it would be a great read. It reads as if a high school student wrote it. It has a simple formulated plot. Not many characters and not very many different scenarios. For a book that had received many awards, I was sure it was going to be more elaborate, but it wasn’t very complicated to follow. I thank god this book was given to me; I would have been more disappointed had I bought it. If you need a book just to pass the time like at the DMV or the line for paying a traffic ticket at the court house, then this would be the book. 

While cleaning out is ex-lover Ronnie’s apartment, staid history professor Michael Dunn-Barten makes a grisly discovery- a mummified corpse in a trunk. Suddenly Michael must travel back 25 years to find the answers by revisiting everyone who knew Ronnie. Back to the 1960’s, back to the realization of his sexuality and the boy he loved. Back to the troubling time when his wife threw him out and his family disowned him. Back to uncover disturbing answers amidst drag queens and murky memories- and to reveal whether or not his first real love was truly a twisted killer. DRAG QUEEN in the COURT of Death is a taut thriller about a man who needs to face his past in order to forge a future. He must unravel a mystery that’s a quarter century old- no matter how painful the truth may be

—A First Rate Mystery…A great read and well worth a special trip to the bookstore.” — Mark Zubro, author of the Tom and Scott mystery series  

—A Seductive Blend of Camp Humor , Pathos, and Anticipation”,Anthony Bidulka, author of Russell Quant mystery series  

—Be Prepared to Clear Your Schedule for a Few Days…This is one of Those Books That Once Begun, Can’t Be Put Down”

,Marcy Scheiner, author of Sex for the Clueless & Perfectly Normal: A Mother’s Memoir

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