August Book Review

Vampire Transgression
–A Novel–
Author– Michael Schiefelbein
Reviewed By; Leon Velasco
Rating of; Two Thumbs Down
I had taken too many months to read this book; probably because I’m not one for a -Vampire” story. Towards the end I was getting into it and when it came to the end I was like… NAH! It didn’t just end like that! And unfortunately it did. I don’t know if it is to make a sequel book but it didn’t look like it would end a way to do one. I was very disappointed and let down after all the lead up it just left one hanging. Like a 90 year old mans penis, (no offense, I’m headed that way). The detail for imagery is fine although I have never been to the places described but the author was really descriptive. He tried to make it a little erotic but he was too quick to get the act over with. I wonder if that’s how he is in real life.  In my opinion pass the stake; this vampire book needs to be obliterated.
Book Note: Vistor Decimus is a two-thousand-year-old vampire, having last seen the sun when he was a roman soldier posted to Nazareth at the time of Jesus Christ. In the intervening years, he’s learned that there are only a couple of rules governing a vampires existence, but those rules are absolute: 1. Vampires are not allowed to associate with other vampires, and 2. Once a Vampire convinces a human to take his place as a vampire, he must leave the earthly realm for the Dark Kingdom. Now Victor has broken both rules—he’s sired his human lover, Paul, as a vampire and has stayed behind with him on Earth. The two enjoy an intense life as vampire lovers living in Georgetown and mingling at their private nightclub, where very little is forbidden. But their transgression is not taken lightly, and now agents of the Dark Kingdom are now on the prowl, looking to enforce the rules and, if necessary, punish Paul and Victor by threatening all that remains precious to them. Vampire Transgression marks the long-awaited return of Victor Decimus, a vampire with a complex past. Now, with Vampire Transgression, Michael Schiefelbein brings Victor’s story to new heights, revealing hitherto unseen complexities in the twilight world of the damned.
—[An] audacious, erotic, and entertaining novel…sexy, suspenseful, and, yes, spiritual. Vampire Vow is a distinctive Debut.” , Philidelphia Gay News
—[Schiefelbein] once again draws the reader into a spell. [Vampire Thrall] has enough suspense and sex to keep one reading with rapt attention until the last page.—Virginia Gazette    


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