August Movie Review

Grande Ecole

Director: Robert Salis

Not Rated

 Starring: Gregori Baquet , Jocelyn Quivrin , Arthur Jugnot

Alice Taglioni , Elodie Navarre , Salim Kechiouche 

Rating , Two Thumbs up 

This is a very erotic drama. Very well written and any one who has had to hide their sexuality and be with the opposite sex will really appreciate the intense emotions the writer. When the person you’re seeing detects and confronts you with their suspicions is a one thing but to challenge you to a game of seduction is when things really get strange, twisted, dramatic, and in turn intriguing and erotic. I have played this game but it was a female friend from high school who suspected her husband was attracted to me and we had set him up for a rendezvous with me to see how far he would go. The out come was they got divorced and I lost my friends forever, although it was her idea. This movie hit the nail right on the button for me and maybe some of the readers as well.

In one of France‘s elite private schools, a group of attractive 20-something students find themselves enmeshed in emotional and sexual power games. These games become a lot more heated and complicated when Paul(gregori Baquet) finds himself attracted to both a lower-class Arab worker (salim Kechiouche) and Louis-Arnault, his roommate(Jocelyn Quivrin) even though he already has a girlfriend. 

-A handsome look at desire.” ,Jay Weissberg, Variety

The film has an extraordinary sensuality…one of the year’s most provocative films.” Indiewire

 -Frank and Engaging.” ,Elisa Ludwig, Philadelphia City Paper

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