Beauty in the eye of the Beholder




Ok Guys! (Well…ladies *ahem*),

This is the beginning of my photo essay series, simply called Modern Beauty.  It was born of my irritation, disdain, disgust and otherwise lack of community to air my grievances with today’s societal views of what constitutes beauty in a woman.  Even among ourselves, there is division of what beauty really is. So this is a place to break down all the walls, without fear of judgment (no one is gonna hang you by your pretty painted – or unpainted – toes for anything you say).

This is a cohesive effort between the women that choose to participate and provide feedback to break the molds of conventional beauty and let the world know what you think. (With pictures to illustrate!!!) See? 90% MORE pictures, yet at least 46% LESS concern! I’m having fun already.

So with that introduction, here is what I want from you, and how I plan to use my info and pictures I get:

The goal is to have at least 100 participants. So spread the word. Spread it far and wide. Everyone gets the same 15 question survey. I implore you – answer HONESTLY.  We can’t break down walls unless we are honest with each other and ourselves.  You give me your feedback via survey, along with as many or as few pictures or videos as you want: pictures of yourself, the things you like, magazine clippings, etc. NOTHING is too far “out there” or inappropriate to be included, and the more creative you get, the better! Once I hit 100 participants, I will take everything I get and turn it into one giant art installation/piece/collage/documentary… whatever strikes me as appropriate based on the answers and photos, videos, etc I get back. I am asking that everyone include their age and where they live. You can have your stuff credited with or without names, totally your choice, but location and age are important to show the differences between age spectrums and various places.

The overall goal with this whole series is to show you all what you should already (but may not) know: we are ALL beautiful in different ways. It is meant to empower us all and break away from stereotypes. It is meant to be heard.

I thank everyone in advance for contributing to this project; I have great expectations of what this could be!

Amber Perryman



Thank you for participating in my photo essay! I hope that it will prove most telling about how real women feel about beauty and how it is portrayed. Please answer the following questions using as little or as much space as you need. Photos and videos to go along with the survey are appreciated and encouraged! If you would like to make arrangements to have photos taken / videos made, please contact me via email: [email protected]

1.     What about yourself do you think is the MOST beautiful and why?

2.     What, if any, items make you feel beautiful? (This can be an article of clothing, a piece of jewelry, a certain color or perfume, etc. ANYTHING goes).

3.     If you could go back 10 years and tell yourself anything about what constitutes beauty, what would it be?

4.     How much does your partner’s view on what is “beautiful” affect your style or sense of what’s beautiful? (Be HONEST here).

5.     How do you think modern society defines beauty and how does that make you feel?

6.     How do YOU define modern beauty? (No right or wrong answer here. If you fancy purple polka dotted hair and Army boots, that’s cool. If you prefer tall, skinny, blonde and tan – that’s fine. No judgment passed!)

7.     How did/does your mother’s (or grandmother’s!) apparent views on beauty play a role in your views on beauty today?

8.     How do you think others view you?

9.     For mother’s (or mommy’s to be) – has your perception of what is or is not beautiful changed? If so, how?

10.  What do you think is NOT beautiful?

11.  What most makes you feel inadequate and how do you combat those feelings?

12.  What would you like to say to future generations about beauty?

13.  Do you have a special beauty trick or regimen that you follow? If so, what?

14.  How do you like to express or showcase your inner beauty?

15.  What would you most like to ask other women but don’t or haven’t?


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