Book Review

The Good Neighbor

A Novel by Author Jay Quinn

Review by: Leon Velasco 

Rating: Two Thumbs Up

 I had read this book and found that Being neighbors  to a straight couple and certain boundaries can feel like they have been possibly crossed not only may exist in Ca, but in Florida as well as any other place. I used to live with my ex of 3 years and the rest of the families around us were straight. I used to get the look from the women like I was wearing a scarlet letter and they had to keep an eye on me, (although little did they know I was the top). The men would look at my ex as though he was going to make a play for the wives, (little did they know he was the bottom). Although we had many attempts to befriend and ease the tension the invisible walls stayed up. So what if the barriers had been crossed? Reading this story gave me a glimpse of what could have happened not only to each person in the relationship but to each person as an individual. Check this out!

His acclaimed breakout novel, Back Where he Started, Jay Quinn thrilled and surprised readers with his portrait of a middle-aged gay man who suddenly finds himself single and seeking out a new life, and if possible, a new love. Quinn continues his themes of love and need and of wanting to belong, with this revealing, cautionary tale of the best friends and even more, best of neighbors.

On a sunny block inside the exclusive neighborhood of Venetian Vistas, Rory Fallon is walking his dog when he notices activity at the house next door. New neighbors are moving in, namely the Hardens-Austin and his wife, Meg, along with their two kids. Rory introduces himself, and can’t help but notice how intrigued Austin
is when it is mentioned just who Rory lives with: his partner of many years, handsome Bruno Griffin. Indeed, the last thing
expected in this small
Florida enclave was having a gay couple for neighbors.

But life has more surprises in store, for both Rory and Austin, and Bruno and Meg. As the two couples form a strange, sometimes symbiotic relationship, questions arise about love and about marriage, and how their own roles help define-and alter- the people around them. A modern-day Scenes from a Marriage, Jay Quinn’s The Good Neighbor not only reflects our changing social fabric, but sheds light on the fact that fences exist for a reason, and that when you cross over them the consequences can often have confounding results.

-Jay Quinn is… a deft story teller. The story is warm, inviting and thoroughly satisfying.” ,
New York Blade


-A gorgeous celebration of ove and family. Beautifully touches and lifts the heart.” , Paul Russell, author of The Coming Storm


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