Bring MILK to Visalia!!

MILK, the new movie starring Sean Penn as gay rights pioneer Harvey Milk, has been playing throughout California for weeks, even in the hotbeds of gay rights like Modesto and Stockton…but not here. It’s time for us to act!

We are encouraging everyone to contact Regal theaters, the owners of the Marketplace and UA theatres in 
Visalia .  You can do so one of several ways: write snail mail, email, fax or phone calls. Just say simply that you live in Visalia
, and you want to see
Milk!  It doesn’t have to be a long communication; in fact simple is often better.  Please do not get angry or nasty, just make it clear that you want them to bring this movie to 
Visalia as soon as possible. 

Here’s the contact info

Regal Entertainment Group
7132 Regal Lane Knoxville,
Tennessee 37918
Phone: 1-865-922-1123 
Fax: 1-865-922-3188
Customer Relations: 1-877-TELLREGAL or 1-877-835-5734

You can email them via their website here:

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