Image We gathered Sunday in
Visalia to march for equality and justice. We started at COS and walked

Mooney Boulevard


Caldwell Avenue

and back again. We braved the cold and opposition for about two hours. I would guess about 100 people from the community came out to show support and fight for what is constitutionally ours. We had lots of support from the passing public and of course those who continually drove by with the standard epithets of -fag, faggots, and dykes”. I was almost happy to hear a -queer”, what a change from the norm! Oh, those simple minded people who think they are actually hurting us with those words. If we were ashamed to be who we are, we certainly wouldn’t be out walking for recognition. But I digress……  





We walked in the night with our candles flickering of hope. We walked in the night with our heads held high and our determination higher. At some point I looked down at my children and thought, -I am marching for them; I am marching for all children”. I was walking to insure they can grow up in a world where they are able to live and love freely with no boundaries, consequences or discrimination. I wish that for all of the people who were there that night and all of those who weren’t.





I feel in my heart that we must not stop this civil rights movement. We must move forward without hate and violence. We need to be sure that our voices continue to be heard. We need to unite and not let this fire die. Just because the election is over, our journey is not. I am so proud of all of you and all that has been accomplished over the years and I look forward to the changes yet to come. Through persistence we will find victory. Peace be with you all.




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