Could You Live Without Facebook??



I used to think life would cease to exist if I didn’t have my Facebook account… But it’s been over 6 weeks since I’ve had it and look, there’s life beyond it. For me, a better life. I no longer compulsively check my newsfeed out of habit, boredom or whatever the reason. It’s interesting what else you can find to occupy your time. You know those pesky things like real conversations and real life moments. Although I must admit, I do randomly miss it in certain instances. Like this weekend for example, Honey bought a decorative rooster at an antique store. We talked about it all day and would laugh hysterically, “Would you hold my cock?” “Oops, I left your cock in the car”. I would most certainly have shared some of those comments with you but the truth is, I’m sure none of you would have thought it was half as funny as I did.

I don’t know when I’ll cave and reactivate my account. Hell, maybe I won’t. But I’d like to challenge you to try and live without it for awhile or at least cut back. You’d be amazed at what you don’t miss….like what people are eating or how often they go to the gym 🙂 I had to step back for my sanity and to really just take a break from some aspects of my life. I’m so relaxed and so removed (depending on who you are might say this is a good or bad thing). But I’m content, have clarity and have learned a lot about people in the process. What positivity could it have on you?? Give it some thought…

FYI: I do still get notifications from the Gay Visalia Facebook page and will still post important information on there…if you need me to.


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