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Dear Community Members/Leaders.
Based on the volunteer-driven Neighborhood Team model that proved successful during the Obama campaign, our Neighborhood Equality Teams provide an opportunity for everyone to be involved in the movement for equality. The most valuable work we can do right now is talk with Californians neighbor-to- neighbor and build power for progressive change within our local communities.

The Courage Campaign Equality Program was born in the wake of Proposition 8. The program was launched with understanding – backed by extensive research – that long-term, deep organizing work done on a local level is the single best way to open the hearts and minds of Californians on same-sex marriage.

And now, after a year of wins and losses and much learned about the movement for LGBT Equality, we know more.  We know that we have to fundamentally change how California operates. We know that winning on equality will require building  an unprecedented coalition of progressive- minded organizers. And we know that we have to organize ourselves.  That’s where you come in.
To register (FREE) for Courage Acdemy- Fresno, February 27th please visit:

We are looking for people to step up as Neighborhood Equality Team Organizers and form Neighborhood Equality Teams to build a coalition of volunteers who take the initiative and work together, both locally and in coordinated state-wide actions, to create a more progressive, more governable and more equitable California.

The program kicks off with Courage Academy, our one day leadership and organizing trainings, which will be held across the state on February 27th and 28th, 2010.  The goal of the training is to empower Neighborhood Equality Team Organizers to use their personal stories to create shared values, shared commitment, shared structure, and a shared strategy to achieve measurable action for change in their community.

Some potential Neighborhood Equality Teams can include (but not limited to):
Courage Academy- Fresno will take place on February 27th. This event is FREE, for more information and to register for Courage Academy- Fresno please visit:
Should you have any questions please contact me.
Thank you very much,
Anthony Ash
Central California Field Organizer
Phone: (559) 288-7537


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