D-Day Inspiration

hey my name is Jessica and i was a fellow supporter at yesterdays rally in Visalia, it was actually my first rally out here and i got to say how moved i was, i mean i have been a lesbian for twenty years and have supported in many other ways but to actually be here to hear different struggles and to know that there is hope after all for small towns.. I think that this is exactly where we need to start letting people know were here and were not going anywhere.. Open minds, most people out here don’t even know what a gay is. I just wanted to say thank you,  to you and your organization and ever other person who was out there who spoke or just showed up. You are amazing people with hearts of gold, there is a rainbow with you at the end of it.. This fight is long from over but with people like you well i know we shall win. I have never felt such hope, ambition, aspiration like i did last night… Your dream of utopia is so close.. However i can help, like they said door to door, phoning, anything let me know i would be more than honored to contribute…

Thank you so much for time and thank you so much for what you are doing and are going to do….

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