D-Day Poem as requested

Onward We March
by BB

Through tears and heartache we struggle with the questions of how and why
We stand here not knowing if we have what it takes to give it another try
I ask each of you to take some time to mourn and then to find your inner peace
This chapter is closed but our story is still being written with every strike of the keys
That, which does not kill us, only makes us stronger
We need to fight back and be silent no longer
We cannot accept this as defeat; we must forge ahead without falter
Until every man and every woman can join together at the alter
The next leg of our journey is about to begin
There is much to be done before 2010
Believe in yourselves, that you can make a difference, you are able and ready
Take comfort in knowing that you have a friends hand to help keep you steady
I’m offering you my blood, sweat and tears
My reassuring smile to help ease your fears
I will be with you each step of the way
To be your support if you happen to sway
United we stand, divided we fall
Let us work together to ensure equality for all
Harvey Milk always said, -Never blend in” and -I’m here to recruit you”
Those are wise words and exactly what we must do
We need to recruit our army, prepare and gather the masses
It’s about time we kick some homophobic asses
This next campaign will be won through human connections, not wealth
We need to start building those bridges and share our stories of self
Your voices are powerful so use them to promote
Now get out there warriors and let’s repeal this vote!

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