Dinuba GSA Fashion Show

Dinuba High School’s Gay Straight Alliance will be hosting a fashion show on May 7th ,2010 at Dinuba High School’s Auditorium and everyone is invited! This means you do not have to attend Dinuba High School or even live in Dinuba! Tickets will cost $5 dollars (or $8 for front row seats) and 20% of the proceeds will be donated to the Trevor Project. The show starts at 6 P.M. and ends at 8 P.M.

The fashion show will feature designs by Dinuba’s own Jessie and Alexa. After the fashion show there will be a silent auction where you can buy the clothes featured in the show. Male and Female clothes will be featured in this auction.

In addition to seeing great designs there will also be local indie bands playing between different sections of the fashion show.

PreShow Sales have started, physical ticket sales will start April 9th. Just leave message/comment this myspace page leaving your full name and phone number and we will sign you up for a ticket.

Hope to see you there! ..
(559) 393-7997


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