End of Skittles season

Well, the Skittles softball season has officially come to a close. We finished second in our division, woohoo! Not too shabby for our very first league. I want to thank my team for whom I owe a great season to. You guys withstood a rough start, jeers from the crowd and actually stepped out of the batters box, so to speak, to put yourselves out there in society. I know we made progress with what we did, whether you see that or not. So kudos to everyone and yes, the amazing coach had something to do with it, too! (giggle)


I would also like to thank all of the fans who came out to each and every game. My heart is overwhelmed by your support! There is nothing our community can’t do if we stick together. Big love to all of you!


The Visalia Skittles are taking a break to enjoy our summer and so some can heal our injuries. We will be back at it for the fall season. Stay tuned for details on try-outs and how to join the team. Email me if you have interest in this.


We closed the season with a celebration at Extreme Bowling. We had about 35 people in attendance and a great time was had by all! I didn’t actually dance on the tables as promised…. But maybe next time! 😉 This was the second social event Gay Visalia has recently hosted. We will continue to have OUTings throughout the year and we hope to see you all in attendance. Make sure you get on our email list to stay current with area happenings.


Thank you team, thank you fans, thank you community…..I’m honored and proud to call you my friends!


Team and celebration photos coming soon!


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