Faces of Visalia



This past October residents of Visalia and the surrounding areas participated in a national project called the Self Evident Truth Project. 

iO Tillett Wright (the photographer) is on a mission to show 10,000 faces of American’s who fall anywhere on the LGBTQ spectrum and identify as anything other than 100% heterosexual. iO’s vision is to display a large exhibition of these photographs at the National Mall of Washington D.C. after she has met her quota of portraits. 

iO and her team came to Visalia and shot portrait numbers 2.274 through 2306. Those portraits can be found here: http://selfevidentproject.com/visalia/

After the Visalia shoot, the Self Evident Truth Project made their way to Bakersfield Pride that same evening. Those photo’s can be found here: http://selfevidentproject.com/bakersfield/ 

Such wonderful faces of our Central Valley! Thank you to everyone who participated in this project. It is a possibility the project will come out for a second visit. Stay tuned for further details. 

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