Family Fest Wrap Up



What a great time and a great turnout! I seem to be surprised every year with how much the event grows. Nothing is more gratifying then seeing those happy faces, hearing compliments and providing a fun, safe, hate-free environment for all people in our community. This festival couldn’t happen without all those who attend and those extra special people, organizations and businesses below who lend a hand, lend a dollar or lend a donation. Without you, Family Fest would be just a girl at a park. 
Krazy J’s Nightclub
Gay Central Valley

Fishburn Antiques

Cheryl & Sandy

Alicia & Donna

Visalia Pride Lions Club

The Trevor Project

Holiday Inn- Visalia

Melissa/Gay Porterville

Jason/Gay Fresno
Cammy/Hanford Rainbow Pride

Heather Z.

V-Town Derby Dames

Cynthia/Chili’s Restaurant

Johnny at Renaissance Hair Salon
Crystal Barn
Amber P.
Fresno Cali Drag Kings
Cost Plus World Market

Hunter Valentine, their agents and tour manager

A special thanks to my “morning crew” (Robert, Brittney, Trisha, Mckinzey, Bob, Chris, Crystal) who helped get the party started 🙂

To all of the wonderful groups, organizations and businesses who come out as vendors. Your support is a huge factor in our success and I can’t thank you enough for the support you provide our community.

Lastly, to my family: You endure my mood swings, stress levels, and time away from you. Although, depending on my mood and stress levels, time away is probably a good thing, lol. Thank you for allowing me to be the person that I am. 
The after party was…. well, AWESOME! Yours truly may have had a few too many but you might as well go out with a bang, right?! A big thanks for the attendance and to Krazy J’s for always making us feel welcomed with your undying support! Congrats to all of the lucky winners!
Again, a sincere, deep and heartfelt appreciation to one and all!

Thanks for making memories with me…

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