February Book Review

Rainbow High

Author: Alex Sanchez

Rating: Two Thumbs Up


I actually had to hunt this sequel of Rainbow Boys; ISO had sold out of it and so it was hard to locate a copy. But it is totally worth it. I love the dramatic storylines the author gives each character. I personally got so engrossed in the book that I finished it in one week. The guys’ on the dust cover jackets are so cute that each one actually does appear to be like the personality in the book. What I wouldn’t give to be a twink again.

Nelson Glassman , may have been exposed to the HIV virus and is terrified of testing positive… but what if being positive is the only way to keep the guy of his dreams?

Kyle Meeks – finally has the guy of his dreams and is ready to do anything to stay by his side… but will -anything” include sabotaging his own future?

Jason Carrillo , knows he has to face his future and is prepared to face it out and gay… but is he prepared to let go of the dream that has sustained him all his life?


As their high school days draw to a close and these three friends move toward one of life’s most defining crossroads, each will be compelled to choose his own direction-and to prepare for the consequences.

-Groundbreaking.” , Time Out New York


-A forthright portrayal of growing up gay.” , USA Today


-Sanchez writes with passion and understanding as well as some welcome humor.”




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