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The following was sent to me and I wanted to share it with you. I felt it was important for all of Visalia to have a say in what happens to our town. I, as Gay Visalia, will not endorse this nor will I deny this. I don’t want to influence anyone, just inform. I Brooke, however, will be getting involved. I encourage all of you to get involved too and have a voice regardless of your stance.


Jon, a concerned Visalian, writes:


Please help us save Visalia! The Visalia City Planning Commission and City Council will soon act on the “2030 General Plan Update, Preferred Option” that would allow massive commercial development south of Visalia Parkway, and at Caldwell Avenue and Highway 99. These proposed commercial developments, far from Visalia’s vibrant Downtown and core Mooney Boulevard retail district, will flood the market with a dangerous oversupply of commercial space. The flooding and oversupply of commercial development will lead to excessive vacancies, faltering retail sales in the City core, and declining property values throughout the City. The downtown area will no longer be a vibrant pedestrian-friendly city, but rather, a strip of abandoned and run downed storefronts. The impacts will be severe as it will add blight to the city landscape, increase congestion and pollution from traffic, and will significantly diminish the positive quality of life and economic stability that Visalia residents enjoy.
For more information, please visit our website: http://protectvisalia.squarespace.com.
Spread the word and save our town!


Thank you Jon for including Gay Visalia in your outreach.




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