Gay Marriages in Iowa??

Yes, it’s true! I know, I am baffled too! The Iowa Supreme Court unanimously decided today to lift the ban on gay marriages because it went against their state constitution. HOORAY!! And what?? I mean seriously….. Iowa? Certainly this must have some affect on our ruling right? We as a state are pioneers, trendsetters and leaders in so many things, we can’t be left behind on this. Can we? Aren’t our judges more progressive? Aren’t we more "with the times"? I’m still not hopeful for us, but perhaps a little bit more optimistic. And even if our ruling is not so joyous, it is still a ginormous step towards our equality! Celebrate this victory, it helps us all!! Yay! And I’m sorry, just one more time……. Iowa??  

To read the Newsweek article click HERE.


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