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Recently I traveled to Berkeley to hear a speaker covering "Reconciliation & The Bible".
He, Joseph Pearson, an author, lecturer and retired Pastor is versed in both Hebrew and Greek (possessing a PHD in linguistics) and Theology & Biology.

Okay, the dude spent some years in school. And oh, he is openly gay and in a long-time loving relationship of 34 years. Imagine that, he was able to "retire" as a Pastor of a Baptist Church, not be asked to leave but Retire….

He tore apart the Old Testament (Torah) and the New Testament (Gospel), honing in on the scriptures we are all too familiar with.

No not the ones that focus on how we are all loved but in …………you know, those ones…

The workshop was comforting and lifting. There were about 25-30 present with 4 (Scott and I included) coming from the PFLAG (ally) camp. Most in attendance were LGBT+ people in search of reconciliation and peace.

Come beginning May, I will be traveling to Irvine to see him again while attending a T.E.N. (The Evangelical Network) seminar. This seminar is a CA regional effort to continue opening up the dialogue among clergy, faith groups and people………. covering LGBT+ reconciliation.

I am also talking with T.E.N. (who sponsors Pearsons tours) to underwrite a visit here. Thats right, bring J. Pearson here to speak in 2 workshops. One to target local clergy and the other to members of the LGBT community that want to ask questions and get answers!

I am interested in having you guys email me any comments, suggestions, worries … etc. about having Pearson come. I am hoping to be able to provide community feedback to T.E.N. and Pearson on what the community here needs (or precursory thoughts are) in the workshop.

I do not know for sure that Pearson will come. We are entertaining his visit to be sometime late July to early August. Please email me any comments and such to… [email protected].

To find out more details, click the link below:

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