Here we go again!

I’m certainly no beauty queen, but what is the training for this? Do they pull you aside at a young age and school you on the worst possible thing to say? Is NOM building an army of homophobic pageant barbie assassins? Are the prerequisites now:   Blonde hair-check, fake breasts-check, ignorance spewing forth from the mouth-check. I don’t get it and the scary part is…. these are role models for our young girls. Kudos to Beverly Hills for immediately taking a stance on the issue, it appears that town lives up to it’s classy reputation.

BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. , Less than a year after dethroned Miss California USA Carrie Prejean stirred up controversy with her remarks against gay marriage, a similar war of words is brewing in Beverly Hills.

Beverly Hills Mayor Nancy Krasne said Wednesday she is outraged over a Miss California USA contestant who is claiming to represent the city in the upcoming pageant and who spoke out against same-sex marriage in recent media interviews. READ THE REST OF THE STORY HERE.


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