Hope’s Weekly Update 3/20/09

Today I rode 45+ miles finishing the week with more than 130 miles. While out, I stopped to see someone I know in the Exeter area. While there I shared with him that I participate in a weekly fellowship group. I invited him to attend some time.
He then began to share with me how he spent many-a-night crying to God to ‘fix’ him. Tears welled up in his eyes as he spoke. He then shared how he decided that either God intended him to be the way he is or that there was no God.
I hugged him. I told him I was sorry about this. I told him I completely understand the torment and sense of isolation this caused.
I then told him that I believe he was right. God did make him exactly as He intended – perfect! He made him perfect and He made me perfect. The problem is the world.They don’t understand.
I then left to finish the last 15+ miles and to reflect on that conversation and the gift he gave me with his sincerity and tears. He is my friend and because of his story, I want EVERYONE to know that I believe God loves us all and we are all made magnificently in His image!
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