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**UPDATE: Porterville is at City Hall (not courthouse) on Main St. and Cleveland. 

Please help spread the word across the valley!!! Our first event is the Visalia discussion panel. Please share the event on your own & your organization(s) pages today, tomorrow & Wednesday. Also, please help spread the word about our panelists: Robin MeGeHee, Teresa & Marica Martin, Jennifer McGuire, Justin Pursley, Tim Rich, Sabrina Krystal, and Jasmin Janusiewicz. Moderated by Andre Gomez. This is our “kick off” event so we are hoping for a good turn-out! We are pushing that this is a community event to learn more about the specifics of the upcoming SCOTUS oral arguments, an opportunity for everyone to learn more about the specifics of the cases & to hear & discuss local perspectives, how the cases effect our local LGBTQ populations.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013, 5p. COS, 150 Sequois.

Sponsored by the COS Pride Club




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