July Book Review

Mardi Gra Mambo

Author Greg Herren


Review by: Leon Velasco

Rating of: Two Thumbs way up.

I am not very partial to mystery novels but this one was very good. The intricacies of each character mingling with others; the author doesn’t skip a beat. Very well thought out and the execution was great with a twisted ending. The attention to detail was kudos; it was like playing a movie in my head.

Its carnival time in New Orleans, and Scotty Bradley, ex go-go boy turned private eye, is looking forward to relaxing with his boyfriends, Frank and Colin, and partying it up right. But nothing ever seems to work out the way Scotty wants it. Not only is it cold and rainy, ruining his elaborate costume plans, but former FBI agent Frank has -issues” with dropping a hit (or two, or four) of ecstasy. Hello! Ecstasy at Mardi Gra is practically guaranteed in the Gay Bill of Rights! Fortunately, Frank get over himself, the weather clears up, Scotty’s dealer, Misha, delivers the goods, and the boys are off to the races. And that’s when all the fun begins. After a night of partying, they come home to find the cops waiting for them. Misha has apparently been murdered and guess who was the last to see him alive? Turns out his wheeling and dealing had gotten him in trouble with a lot of people-Including the Russian Mob. And those guys don’t play around.

Suddenly, Scotty’s missing not just one but two boyfriends. And as the streets of Nola come alive in a hot human frenzy of sequins, music, dancing, and the sweat of thousands of revelers ready to throw caution and clothing to the wind, Scotty is in a desperate race to save the men he sometimes loves and keep Fat Tuesday from being the last day any of them ever see…

-When Herren introduced young, well-muscled former New Orleans bar dancer Scotty Bradley, he gave crime fiction one of it’s most engaging gay heroes.”–Booklist

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