Large community turnout for LGBT+ Center’s Grand Opening

Left to right: Donald Costa, Amy Benton, Jim Reeves, Reyes Anaya, Amy Shuklian, Nicholas Vargas, Brian Poth, and Beverly Anderson.

Visalia City Councilwoman Amy Shuklian dropped in for a visit during theSOURCE LGBT+ Center’s Grand Opening Friday night.  As part of the Art Consortium’s First Friday event, works by LGBT artists, including Amy’s partner Mary Randol, were on display in the Visalia area’s first LGBT community center. 

Hundreds of people toured the center, viewed locally produced artwork, met staff, and mingled with members of the community.  The evening was filled with laughter, handshakes, and hugs as people greeted those they had not seen in a while, or welcomed friends and neighbors to the event.  Balloons, cake, and snack trays kept smiles on the faces of many, especially the children who accompanied their parents.  It was truly an event welcoming and friendly to all.

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