LGBT Center to host Orlando grief process gathering

theSOURCE LGBT+ Center will host a grief process gathering, Friday, July 1, 2016, at 6pm.  This event will be open to the public and will provide a forum for discussion, sharing, and healing, after the horrendous events in Orlando.

The tremendous turnout at the Sunday candlelight vigil, held in downtown Visalia after only a few hours of organization, demonstrates the need for the local LGBT+ community, as well as their straight allies, to come together to mourn the lives lost.  People are still working through the shock and grief of this tragedy, and this forum will provide further opportunities to manage the emotions that many are experiencing.

Everyone is welcome, whether you want to speak or simply be in communion and community with others.

theSOURCE LGBT+ Center is located at 208 W. Main St., Suite B, downstairs in the Montgomery Square building.

For the Facebook event page for this gathering, check here.

For theSOURCE LGBT+ Center’s Facebook page, check here.

For theSOURCE LGBT+ Center’s webpage, check here.

Regular hours are Tuesday through Friday, 3 pm to 6 pm. Saturday 12 pm to 3pm.  Closed Sunday and Monday.  Other hours by arrangement.


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