Lions Club Moving Forward

On Monday November 16 at 7:00 P.M. at the Visalia Lamp Liter Inn, 3300 West Mineral King, in the Amber Room, we will have our meeting and election of two guiding Lions. We will also meet at 5:30 for dinner in the back of the Lounge, for a social get together. Please join us and bring anyone you know that would be interested in becoming a Lion to the dinner and/or the meeting. If you do not want to eat, just come for the fun of it. We will elect a  Coordinator and a Vic Coordinator/Sectary. We will also vote on a name for our Club.

At our last meeting it was decided that we would become a branch of the Visalia Charter Oak Lions Club. Georgia Souza will be our guiding Lion and will give us all the tools we will need to become a successful organization. After the election of our new guiding Lions, we will be totally in control of our Club. Georgia will be there to help us to succeed only. Only Lion members can vote. So, if you are not sure and/or you’re sitting on the fence, NOW would be a time to become a member and vote on one of our most important events. It is very important that all of our members try to make this meeting and please bring a new member with you.

If you want your name on the ballot or want to nominate someone, a member only, or if they become a member that night, for one of the two offices. Please let me know before Friday 13th. I need to get your name on the ballot and contact the nominee and ask them if they accept the nomination. We will open the floor for nominations, also. As for names of our Club, suggestions we have are: Visalia Pride Lions Club, Visalia Lions Pride Club, Visalia GLBT Lions Club, and Visalia Rainbow Lions Club.

Please contact me at:  Sbei  713-1969  or  [email protected]
For further information you can also contact Georgia at:   [email protected]  or 733-0894.

Thank you,
Lion Sbei


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