Local GSA takes on School District

I’m so proud and honored to be writing this story and admittedly, extremely giddy as well.
Visalia ‘s only GSA, which is at Golden West High School , single handedly, changed the entire districts stance on how gender can limit your involvement in school activities. It all started when Jimmy, a high school senior and member of the GSA, wanted to run for homecoming queen. Of course he was told he could not run because he wasn’t a female. Most people might have accepted this, but not them. Instead of taking the easy road, they fought. They contacted the GSA regional office who put them in contact with the ACLU. Long story short, the ACLU sent an extraordinary letter to the school principal. A short time later a representative from the Visalia Unified School District sent a response. Not only did they change the policies for Golden West High School , but changed them for all 4 high schools in town! No longer will gender play a role in the election and selection process of school -icons”.


Again, I have to say how proud I am of all of you who were involved in this. Just like any equality struggle we as a community face, it’s much easier to do nothing then something. And to put yourselves out there for further scrutiny when the high school years are already tough enough is just amazing to me! You took a stance and you made a huge difference. You have paved the way for future generations who might have to deal with a little less bias because of your sacrifices. Thank you Jimmy for standing firm for what you believe in. Thank you to all members of the GSA, for supporting and embracing diversity. Thank you to Allison, who obviously is doing a wonderful job facilitating this group.


If this is the future generation that we are raising, I’m going to breathe a little easier. If the children of today have this much courage and conviction I think the future of our equality is in good hands. As I sit here thinking about this and our current struggle with marriage equality and those who are against us, I kind of have to laugh. When the -yes” people say they need to protect the children, I seem to think with this next generation, it may need to be them being protected from the children! I hope this inspires you to make a change. The next time you are faced with a tough decision maybe you can draw strength from these teens and take a stance. It’s not always easy but it is always necessary. Thank you Golden West GSA, we are all so proud of what you have accomplished and maybe, just maybe a lot more inspired!

Click here to read letter from the ACLU

Click here to read response from VUSD

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