Mad at Maddow?


So, if you watch news and probably even if you don’t, most gay people still like Rachel Maddow. It can be for her view on politics and life or simply based on the fact that she is the first openly gay person to host a primetime news show, which is currently the top show on MSNBC. Regardless of why you like her or even if you don’t, (I feel there always has to be some sort of collaborative support for anyone open and out in the public eye) I’m not sure how I feel about this most recent interview?

Here is an excerpt from the article:

Gay marriage was legalized in Massachusetts in 2004, but Maddow says she and Mikula have no immediate wedding plans. “We know a lot of people who have gotten married but I don’t think we feel any urgency about it.”

Later she admits that she’s actually ambivalent about the cultural impact of gay marriage.

“I feel that gay people not being able to get married for generations, forever, meant that we came up with alternative ways of recognizing relationships,” she explains. “And I worry that if everybody has access to the same institutions that we lose the creativity of subcultures having to make it on their own. And I like gay culture.”

I know people are entitled to their own feelings, that’s what makes this world so wonderful because we are all so unique. But I can’t help but be a bit bothered over her comments on gay marriage. As a public figure, she somewhat represents our community. By not upholding the importance of marriage equality, even if she doesn’t believe that for herself, I feel she has done a great injustice to all of us working so hard to achieve it. She mentions she wants the creativity to remain with how we’ve lived our lives with our partners and mates. Although I agree with the creative genius of our past community trailblazers to invoke some semblance of equality. It is by no means okay for us to have to live the rest of our lives fostering creativity with the scraps of equality given to us by the bigger majority. Creativity is for art, entertainment, writing and such. It certainly shouldn’t have to be what we rely on to feel an equal part of this world.

I don’t know, maybe I just woke up bitter this morning but I feel a little let down. I would love to hear your thoughts and views on this. You can read the complete article from The Hollywood Reporter, HERE.

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