March Book Review

Rainbow Road 

Author: Alex Sanchez


Rating: Two Thumbs Up


The road to self discovery can be as easy as having an epiphany in your own bedroom or as difficult as a long trek across the nation. (If you have reached your self discovery, LUCKY YOU! I am still on my road…I’m Lost, not even a road map is helping.) This book takes you on a journey of three young men who with a little help of the other each find what their hearts desire seems to be of their identity, for as long as it lasts until they have to hit the road again. Where do these guys find their true selves? You’ll have to read the book to find out. It’s a great read and for a Coming-of-age story this book is one of my top ten reads. When you get to the end of the book, you want to cry because you know that after being involved in this trilogy this is truly the end of the series for Jason, Kyle, and Nelson.


When Jason, who lost his basketball scholarship when he came out, is asked to speak at the opening of the new gay/lesbian/transgender high school in
Los Angeles , his boyfriend Kyle wants to come along so they can spend the summer together. Flamboyant Nelson, who’s desperately seeking a boyfriend, has a car, so the three set out on a cross country road trip. Through this wild ride, they encounter variations on the gay experience, including a couple in a long-term relationship, gay bashers, and a boy who lives as a girl. Like rainbow Boys, which School Library Journal called a book that can -open eyes and change the lives,” Rainbow Road traces the universal journey of three young men in search of themselves.


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