Marriage, RDP & DOMA FAQ’s



Many of you have been asking about what happens if you are in a Registered Domestic Partnership now that marriage is once again restored in California. Thanks to Marriage Equality USA, they have put together some great facts and frequently asked questions. To briefly answer the most common question I keep getting; RDP’s will continue to be recognized in California. They actually say both are good in case you travel to other states where marriage is still not recognized.


Hopefully you can find all of the information you need HERE.


On a side note, I’d like to say:

Congratulations to everyone in my gay community and all of our allies for making these times a reality. For me personally, it’s been a long hard fight but looking back, worthy of time spent. Thank you to everyone who played a part in this fight. No matter how small the part you played, it was intricate and you made a difference. I look forward to lots of wedding invites. And although there is still much work to be done, I’m also looking forward to spending more quality time with my family. And who knows….maybe someday soon, I just might take the leap too. It’s at least nice to have the option. Again, celebrate away. This was long overdue and we should all be walking a little taller, holding our heads a little higher and basking in our victories. I’ve been honored to fight along side of you and again, I thank everyone for their efforts. With hopes that all states follow in our footsteps soon…enjoy this time. Hugs.


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