Mean people suck!

Oh, blessed are those who can read things such as below and still walk away smiling. As you may know Gay Central Valley is a non-profit organization now therefore is able to take part in Disney’s Give a Day, Get a Day program. That program allows people to volunteer for your organization and Disney rewards their kindness with a free pass to Disneyland. It’s their way of promoting volunteerism within your community, to get out and make a difference. We’ve had a lot of interest and volunteers. Today, I received the following response as an anonymous volunteer inquiry. Funny they feel so strong in their convictions, yet so cowardly by not providing their information.


-How in the world is promoting gays a help to our community? I am flabergasted. You think promoting your "Rights" is a need for a cause. There are hungry people and homeless and sick children out there and you wish to take away from them for your own selfish desires, If anything to help the gays it would be that they would be made normal. You people are Truly SICK. What you have is a terrible case of SIN. Yes, we all have it, but you are bathing in it and enjoying every minute of it. And more that that you feel Disney should promote your ways to innocent lives. Do you really want others to suffer as you suffer. Think about it?”


I’m sharing this not to ruin your day as well, but to show that we still have a long, long road ahead of us. But I and Gay Central Valley will be with you every step of the way. Because I can’t resist being ornery right back, this person should be more concerned with their grammer and inability to properly spell and punctuate then the -gays” they clearly despise. My fellow sinners (ha ha) I do want you to know that I AM normal, I don’t feel SICK at all and yes, I AM enjoying every minute of it! And while I’m bathing in it, you can rest assured that I’m going to splash around a bit. Onward we go my friends….despite ignorant, cowardly, disturbed individuals.

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