Movie Review

 All Over the Guy

 Rated R

Director Julie Davis

Starring Dan Bucatinsky—Richard Ruccolo

Sasha Alexander—Adam Goldberg

Review by Leon Velasco

Rating: Two Thumbs Up

 This movie is a great light comedy of attraction, awkwardness of dating and getting to know each other, gay or straight.

 "4 friends , 3 guys , 2 couples… you do the math”

I loved how it gives you a sense of rollercoaster context, you want to root for the under dog but you want to choke the under dog to give up and cut his losses and search else where. It also can make for a fun date movie or a night in with your partner and a bowl of popcorn.

A contemporary romantic comedy about the universal for that one true love, All Over the Guy, centers on an unlikely pair of two twenty-somethings, Eli (Dan Bucantinsky) and Tom (Richard Ruccolo), who are thrown together by respective best friends. They do everything they can to not fall for each other, but ultimately it’s in the small moments of truth , the talk among trusted friends and the fear between new lovers- that the two ultimately find their way to a love that will last.


Special appearances by Andrea Martin—Joanna Kerns—Christina Ricci

Lisa Kudrow—Doris Roberts   

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