My deodorant?? I had no idea!!



I’m going to start this article with a disclaimer… I realize that just because a company is super religious, it doesn’t necessarily mean that they are anti-gay. I realize that not all who are religious are hateful and unsupportive. BUT, with that being said, I definitely feel it takes some more looking into. Perhaps some of these companies don’t come outright and say it but maybe we need to look into what charities or organizations they support.

I was pretty taken aback by the list….I’ve known about several of them, but certainly not all. Like my deodorant! I have a fairly rare skin condition and Tom’s has been the only brand I’ve found that doesn’t make my condition worse. Plus, they are very eco responsible and natural. I grabbed it today and carefully read the container (because other companies often put bible verses on their product). I didn’t see any mention of anything religious just that they donate 10% of all profits to human and environmental charities (yay them!). But now I find myself having to go research which “human” charities they speak of. DAMNIT!! If I discover bad news, ya’ll just might have to be dealing with stinky me.

Guess which fast food chain starts each meeting with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer? I bet not who you’d expect. Go find out! I encourage you to go read the list and see which companies affect you. I’ve definitely spent my money at many of these places and for many of these products. It’s just to get you thinking. After all, it is our blasphemous gay money who supports these unsupportive companies. If they are, remember my disclaimer 🙂

The full article can be found HERE.


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