My PFLAG experience

I am ashamed to admit that I attended my first Tulare/Kings Co. PFLAG meeting this afternoon. I’m not ashamed that I attended, only that this was my first time. What a wonderful group of people! I am so proud of and thankful for Steven and Joan Palmer. They are a marvelous couple who saw a need here in our area and created a safe place for all to come and be themselves. Thank you to the whole PFLAG team for your dedication, warmth and spirit!
I wasn’t hesitant or nervous about attending. Those who know me can see I’m a pretty outgoing person. I honestly just didn’t know what to expect or what I would walk away feeling. I’d like to answer that now. There was a great crowd full of diversity, young and not so young, many different local groups were represented, LGBT people, straight allies, parents of LGBT people, etc. There was lots of laughter and a fair share of tears. I heard some things from my mother that I had never heard before. I think they have always been implied but never spoken. It was touching for me and I learned for some others as well. I heard peoples outrage and disappointment over Prop 8. I listened to people who are afraid to be who they are. People who are struggling with family acceptance. I think these are all things everyone can relate to. I think for every person who shared today that there are so many more out there who feel the same, who have been through or are going through the same thing. PFLAG really is about supporting our community in a safe place where everyone can feel comfortable. Where you can share your struggles and take comfort in knowing that you are protected and loved. I urge everyone to come out to the next meeting and experience this for yourselves. You will not leave empty handed but instead with a full heart bursting with friendship, love, and true acceptance.
This meeting has helped fuel my already raging fire. For those parents who want equality and justice for their children, I am dedicated to you. For those people who "kick themselves in the behind" for waiting a bit too long for an event that shouldn’t have had a time frame, you will be vindicated, you will get your day. For those people who don’t feel 100% comfortable just being themselves, take comfort in knowing that you will always have a place to go with people who will not judge you but stand beside you and fight for the day we are no longer afraid to be ourselves. That place is PFLAG and I am one of the many people who will keep on fighting for you, no matter how long the battle may take. So, thank you PFLAG for the support you bring and the awareness you spread. Thank you everyone who shared today because being vulnerable is never easy. I applaud you, I support you but most of all, I am one of you.
I don’t know why I waited so long, don’t make the same mistake. Inquire today:


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