October Movie Review


Based on a True Story

Rated R

Director: Rob Moretti, Starring: Robert Bray , James Early , Jennifer Katz – Frankie Faison , Eben Gorban

Rating: One Thumb Up/ One Down

I thought I’d do a review to a movie that all the Students and Instructors would relate to when discussing attraction of one to the other. I am guilty of such desires and let me tell you; there aren’t enough restraints in the world that could have held me back, had I the opportunity to fulfill my student and teacher fantasy. Of course the professor I fantasized of is very attractive, (sigh) if only. But that’s never going to happen, that was two semesters ago at city college. Crossing boundaries can be so delicious; with the right person, hot desires… Is it me or is it getting hot? Get ready for some hot scenes in what may have been your fantasy.

Behind a façade of suburban middle class perfection, a compelling tale of love, loss, lies and lust unfolds… Sixteen-year old David’s (Eben Gordon) Home life is falling apart. As he tries to cope with his impossible situation, the troubled, impressionable teenager falls under the spell of Kenny (Rob Moretti), a gorgeous, thirty something, has been an actor turned theater coach. And when Kenny’s -support” escalates into seduction, David slowly descends into an abyss of drinking and drug addiction from which he must escape if he is to survive. Based on a true story, Crutch is a captivating, powerful look at exorcising private demons and exposing dark secrets.

Like the scribblings in a teenager’s diary, the film vacillates between insight and exaggeration.” , Don Wilmott, Filmcritic.com

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