Our dear Hope – Update!

Time is near. Now riding 200 miles a week, with just ~4 weeks to go…….I think I am ready. My spirits are high and my legs are strong.
Thank you too all of you for your support. Donation of cash and/or stuff to sell at our neighborhood garage sale raised the minimum needed for the Ride-to-End-AIDS!!!!
Now, and most importantly, I welcome the names/stories of anyone and everyone you  would like to have me carry as I ride. I have been fortunate to have a couple of people share with me but I welcome carrying ALL loved ones in my heart and in my spirits during the ride.
I would consider it an absolute HONOR to carry your friends and family members with me as I trek the 545 miles to end AIDS.
If you would like to email me about someone, or call………..I can be reached at [email protected] or 972-6496 (cell).
With love, Hope



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