OUTdancing in FRESNO

Created in 1992 by Stepping Out Studios
of New York, OUTdancing is a comprehensive same-sex Latin, swing, and ballroom
dance program. The Valley’s own Franco Peraza now brings

OUTdancing to Fresno! We invite you to
join us for our first LGBT Open House and Dance Class at BallroomLIVE Dance Studio.  

BallroomLIVE encourages students to lead
or follow, regardless of gender and sexual orientation. At BallroomLIVE it’s
common to see both gay and straight students and teachers dancing outside of
traditional gender roles. The decision to lead or follow is your own. For
beginners, we suggest you stick with either leading or following. Once you have
the basics, you can try the other, or start switching back and forth!

BallroomLIVE is hosting an OPEN HOUSE on
April 21 & 28, 2010 from 7:30 PM to 9 PM. During the Open House you may
tour the new studio, enjoy refreshments and participate in an LGBT dance class.
$10 per person.

Visit the Studio
Website here:  BallroomLIVEFresno.com


5721 N. First St. Fresno CA  93710


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