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Porterville City Council needs to hear from you, in your own words ASAP regarding this Tuesday’s Resolution written by Cameron Hamilton in which he would have Porterville officially condemn Mark Leno’s SB54 bill which clarifies the State’s position for same sex couples that are legally married in other states.

And we need you to write and to attend Tuesday’s meeting which is sure to be dramatic. We need you if you care about SSM and even if you do not live in Porterville.

Here is an opinion piece from Hamilton in today’s Recorder: http://www.recorder opinion/matter- 42473-scheduled- council.html

Note how former-Mayor Hamilton admits Prop 8 is discriminatory, but that it is fine for "the People" to enshrine discrimination in the law by majority vote.

We have worked for 11 months to educate Council regarding their errors in last September’s Resolution urging local citizens to vote for Prop 8.

Now is the time for a great push to get the vote we need.

We have pointed out repeatedly at every public meeting how voting in favor of anti-SSM Resolutions is:

– bad governance,
– destructive to Porterville’ s reputation in the economic development industry,
– divisive where we need to be inclusive for the City to be the best it can be,
– not proper for a City Council to consider at all as SSM is a State and Federal matter

We have indications that the vote will go our way

that means that Hamilton’s Resolution will be voted down. That would be a remarkable reversal of last year’s unanimous votes.

But we can not count our chickens before they hatch!

Our opposition has been quiet for a while, and I have heard they expect to turn busloads of church goers out to Tuesday’s meeting. They were shocked and outraged at the reversal Councilmen Pedro Martinez, Felipe Martinez and Mayor Pete McCracken when they didn’t simply rubber-stamp Hamilton’s hateful proposal this time.


The opposition has been flooding all Councilmembers with cut and paste letters. Yes, they can’t come to the meetings and they can’t write their own damn letters.

But you can!

And you will! 🙂

The meeting is at 7PM on Tuesday August 4 at City Hall on Main Street in Porterville.

Here are the Council email addresses:

Mayor Pete McCracken       

petemccracken@ portervilleca. gov

Cameron Hamilton (is writing the resolution)

cameronhamilton@ portervilleca. gov

Felipe Martinez

felipemartinez@ portervilleca. gov

Pedro Martinez

pedropetemartinez@ portervilleca. gov

Brian Ward (wrote last year’s resolution)


Please write each member, and copy me on the mail so I can keep track of how much mail each is getting. And let me know by email (bcaplan@gmail. com) if you will be attending the meeting.

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