Proposition 8

Ok most of you as soon as you read the subject will probably say that I have no clue what I am saying. That’s understandable it is a free country right? Wrong! I have come to understand that as long as you fit a certain group this country is not completely free to you. In some states you are but not others. People are saying that if you give gays in California their country given rights then they won’t have a say in what their children learn in school or that they will lose there not for profit tax status. 

     So what I say is that to that is nowadays schools send home permission slips with the kids when it is time for them to learn health. And I say that if you don’t want your child to learn health do not sign the slip. If you think about it what exactly will the teachers teach the kids? They teach them growth and development of a child to an adult. That includes us gays I mean do we develop differently than straight people know we don’t the last time I checked we were all human beings all males have the same parts and all females have the same parts. If they are teaching kids exactly what and how sex is performed then I would be worried. But they don’t people that would be against the law adult content like that should be nowhere near a school. Teaching how sex is preformed is the only thing I can think of that would separate us from the straights. But then again there are several ways for the straights to have sex as well are the schools going to teach them too I don’t think so.

     And let’s not forget the damn churches. If they were really worried about the tax thing then I say that they are more worried about money than teaching the word of god. And if so then those churches should rethink what is more important the bible or material matter. I mean has nobody ever heard the saying "We have the right to refuse service" I doubt that, that saying only applies to stores. And then there is the bible itself.

     The bible states that god hates all homosexuals and should be stoned to death. (Wow that’s harsh). But it also states that God loves all of his children. So I ask how can god hate gays and still love all of his children. He can’t because of the simple fact THAT WE ARE, THE GAYS, ALSO HIS CHILDREN. The word homosexual is just a title just like straight or black or Mexican. It is there to separate us from our fellow human beings. Take away the title homosexual that the world has so eagerly given to us and you have a human being just like the rest of the straight population. Every human on this planet is god’s child whether we believe in him or not. The bible contradicts itself when those two things are taught side by side.

     God loves all of his children not a select few, but ALL. That includes homosexuals because take that title away and you have just one more child of god’s. So the people that are trying to keep the LGBTQ community from their rights as members of this country are making up excuses to clutch to. 

     And one more thing before I go. America the land of the free. I guess since prop 8 was passed they should change that to America the land of the free with limitations. You can be free if you fit into the right group if not then you are not completely free. You don’t have to think about what I just said but to me it makes sense. Free with limitations that’s what I think the LGBTQ people have become.

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