Purple Rain…

Wednesday, October 20th is Spirit Day. Please wear purple in remembrance of everyone we have lost throughout our community.

Although Gay Visalia is always purple, I am very thankful today to be showing our color of support. There have been so many youth suicides recently, let us take time out of our hectic lives to remember those lives lost and taken far too soon (and for reasons that never should be allowed or tolerated). Let’s remember those people who could have been a brother, a mother, a best friend or even a partner. Those lives could have been saved, had they an advocate, a person they felt safe with. Don’t ever doubt your significance in someones life, you could be the difference between life and death.

If any of our youth are reading this and you feel you need help or a safe outlet, PLEASE find that help. There are free services available to you, locally and nationally. Death is permanent so reach out, there will always be a safe hand for you here.


The Trevor Project

24/7 LGBTQ Crisis Intervention Lifeline

1-866-4U-Trevor (1-866-488-7386)


National Suicide Prevention Lifeline


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