“MIDDLE SEXES” – Watch Online

Last year I highly recommended the
film explores all forms of human sexuality and gender identity. Narrated by
Gore Vidal, it’s forthright, honest and revelatory. These issues have become
commonplace in the media over the last few years, and although I’m constantly
doing research for pieces I write on Gay Fresno, I wasn’t finding the answers I
needed on subjects such as being transgendered or on the topic of sexual
reassignment. I simply didn’t understand the layers of complexity involved with
the human nature between heterosexuality and homosexuality.

This documentary, for me, was a
crash course in how it all works. When it was over I no longer felt confused by
these issues. While I’m not suggesting one film can answer all questions, this
one covers enough to bring these issues into focus.

Today I accidentally stumbled upon a
YouTube User channel which has uploaded this documentary in several short
videos. For those who’ve either been unable to see the film on HBO or find the
DVD, this is an easy, free opportunity to see this incredible work. Simply click
on the following link…YouTube
User – Middle Sexes Documentary

Sexes" is also available on NETFLIX , or it can be purchased at the HBO STORE or at AMAZON 

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