RAINBOWlers turn 1


Please join the RAINBOWlers of Tulare County on Sunday, June 28th at 6:00 pm as we go bowling at the AMF Visalia lanes located at 1740 W. Caldwell Ave.

Everyone just pays individually and we can play as many games as we like. Get there early to get your shoes and ball so we can start bowling at 6:00 pm.

When you arrive look for the rainbow flag on one of the lanes.


On June 28th in celebration of our 1 Year Anniversary we will have  food, drinks and prizes in addition to our usual FUN.

If you want more information email us at [email protected] or [email protected]


Congratulations to Samuel for bowling the highest score in April!

Congratulations to Kevin for bowling the highest score in May!

June 28th will be our one year anniversary and we will have a celebration. Make your plans to join us!!

Announcement  on our plans for this ONE YEAR ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION of the RAINBOWlers!!  (see Top)

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