Rally Recap

Well…. I’d be lying if I said we had a great turnout. I wish it could have been better. But a sincere thanks to everyone who showed up and braved the sultry weather, HA!

I don’t know why we had a small turnout. Was it short notice? Lack of motivation? Cosmic forces? Please give us some feedback so we can do better next time. We are gearing up for another rally in March for the Supreme Court hearing. Stay tuned for more details with that.

So here’s the summary: Two separate men decided to come harass us about our sins and beastiality. It was freezing, there were lot’s of middle fingers, foul language and the law! Yes, someone called the cops on us and made a complaint! Oh ya, and In & Out Burger told us to get off of their lawn, which we weren’t even on, just a table was there. Guess they found the table offensive?? So all in all, we had a smashing good time!

On the flip side, we did have several people come out and stand proudly through all of it. We made the news which is great exposure to the cause. I saw some old friends and met some new ones I would like to get to know better. We did have thumbs ups, waves, and honks to show support. We also got some foot traffic that was interested in learning more about our cause. If we changed one person’s mind tonight, then I say it was well worth it!

I was honored to be at your side last night and also reminded of why I was out there in the first place. Thank you.

So, onward we go towards our quest for equality. May peace be with you all.

Go check out pictures of the rally at www.myspace.com/lgbtvisalia


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