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Please join us THIS Saturday October 19thfrom 10 am – 1 pm for an amazing opportunity to participate in a national project called Self Evident Truth Project sponsored by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC) and participation is 100% FREE!

The Self Evident Truth Project (SETP) is based out of New York and is making rounds in California this week, making a special trip in Visalia just to see us!

In the words of the Self Evident Truth Project:
“SETP is a photographic record of LGBTQ America today. The aim is to take a simple portrait of anyone who’s anything other than 100% straight or feels they fall on the LGBTQ spectrum in any way. The goal is to show the humanity that exists in all of us through the simplicity of a face.”They challenge Americans to look into the faces of these people and tell them they deserve less than any other human being. Check out more information on the projectThe Self Evident Website


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iO Tillett Wright is the photographer of this project. Catch her interview on Ted Talks “50 shades of gay” speaking on sexuality and the boxes we are pressured to put ourselves in and the Self Evident Truth Project. 


The goal of the project is 10,000 photos of LGBTQ Americans. The current count is 2055.


iO Tillett Wright (the photographer) will be setting up shop right behind Brewbakers Restaurant in Downtown Visalia. Arrive at the corner of Main St. and Church Avenue and about a half block down Church take a left at the bakery called The Frosted Muffin (Yum!) there you will find us setup outside from between 10am-1pm, Saturday, October 19th.


All you have to do it show up and smile for a very flattering black and white photo.



For more information or more specific directions please contact:

Melissa McMurrey [email protected] or 559-791-8699

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