September Book Review

 Sweet Lips
A Novel
Author: Mel Smith

Rating: Two Thumbs Way UP

Set in a country westernized theme, the author brings to life two characters that are full
of personality. Surprisingly, the author is female but yet catches the essence of man to
man sex. She is very detailed from scenery of the open plains to boner popping male
action. This book was a page turner; I read it in 4 days. This book is so, for lack of better
comparison; -Brokeback Mountain”. I was all engrossed in the story line that there were
times that actual time passed by the hours. She sends you on a continual roller coaster
ride of experiences of all the characters and the ending, such like the beginning, is
captivating. This book is a, -MUST OWN”, for your personal library.

Book Notes: He would do anything to possess him. Deke McCallister has seen it all along
the dusty trails of the old west. But now, working as a ranch hand for the Crooked J- and
for the nasty owner, Harlan Jennings, Deke is about to get the surprise of his life…in
the form of love. The object of his affection is a young man named Wyatt, who, after a
sudden burst of passion; Deke dubs -sweet Lips.” Trouble is, Wyatt is the Boss’s son-and
they’ve been caught in the act.

He would do anything to love him. Knowing their own survival is at stake; both Deke
and Wyatt run off to spend their lives together. Chasing after them is a posse determined
to hang Deke for his actions and desperate to return Wyatt home safe. As the hunt
intensifies, Deke and Wyatt realize that this grand adventure is about one thing: their
growing love for each other. And while they must fight off their enemies by day, it is the
nights they look most forward to, a time for them to indulge their passions.

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