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So, the San Francisco Chronicle covered the Fresno Bee story that ran a few days ago about the “gay” population in Tulare County. They actually got a chance to speak with two couples that reside here locally; one of them being Robin & Susan, who are raising their family in Poplar. If you attended my D-Day rally, the candlelight vigils, or any other rally/demonstration for marriage equality, then you’ve probably seen them and their family. They are always there to show support, especially their son Jacob. It’s great to see a young child so well adjusted and proud to be himself.

The other couple they interviewed was our very own Kristin & Candi…and yes, the are totally the Brady Bunch and more! Kristin and Candi own their own business and have become very involved in our community over the past year. They have volunteered and supported many of Gay Visalia’s events and they are new members of the Visalia Pride Lions Club. They are always willing to help out and get involved any way that they can. Two of their daughters actually just went through training to become Trevor Project Lifeguard facilitators (go girls!).

I’m glad the Chronicle was able to highlight two such great couples here in “the sticks”. Speaking of sticks….did that annoy anyone else? I mean, I know Tulare County isn’t a big glamorous metropolis but we do have indoor plumbing and running water. Perhaps it was just me but I somehow felt our area was being portrayed as a bunch of backward hillbillies. Granted there are some or at least those who possess the mentality but by generalizing everything, I think takes away from all that’s being accomplished here. All  you have to do is look around at the many groups, organizations, and events that we have to see, we are making progress, we are making a difference and we aren’t ashamed to be who we are and live where we do. So, thanks to all of my fellow “kin” for all that you do to make our home a better place!


You can read the SF article HERE.

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