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Shelby Knox Documentary – LGBTQ Visalia
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Shelby Knox Documentary

Shelby Knox Redux
July 23, 7:00 PM
649 S County Center Rd
Disciples of Christ-Visalia
As states across the country debate whether to allow gays and lesbians to marry, Disciples of Christ-Visalia is asking how faith plays a role in fostering greater inclusiveness of LGBT individuals. On Thursday July 23 at 7:00 PM at 649 S County Center Rd Rm #13, community members will come together for a screening of a new documentary that directly addresses this issue. Hosted by Disciples of Christ-Visalia and the New Community Ministry (an LGBT ministry), this free event is one of a handful of screenings taking place in cities across California between now and August.
Shelby Knox Redux, by Marion Lipschutz and Rose Rosenblatt, profiles a teenager who, despite a conservative Southern Baptist upbringing, advocates for comprehensive sex education and gay rights in her school and community. After leaving for college, she returns to her native Lubbock five years later to check in with her friends, community, and formerly ambivalent parents. Building from the 2005 film The Education of Shelby Knox, Shelby Knox Redux takes viewers on a journey of personal awareness, faith, family, and transformation.  
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-The Christian faith is based on the principles of loving and serving one another, without bias or judgment,” says Shelby Knox, subject of the film, -this film brings a unique opportunity for congregations and communities to begin an ongoing dialogue about how to enact these tenets in a modern era.”
Disciples of Christ-Visalia screening, and will be followed by a Panel Discussion featuring. The Discussion will focus on Faith, Acceptance and building bridges.  A Resource Guide will also be provided to attendees interested in learning more about Christian perspectives on inclusion of lesbian/gay/bisexual transgendered Christians. After the passage of Prop 8 and the intense debates on the subject of marriage, how does the church remain faithful concerning issues of sexual orientation?  Does faith create a climate of violence toward’s marginalized people?
As political battles over same sex marriage rage throughout the nation, many Christian congregations have been forced to think about sexuality in the context of their faith. Rev. Niel Climer says, -The question for us is not about being right or wrong on the subject, but the gospel call of being in relationship with other people.  Even those folks we disagree with or may even be a threat to our values.  The goal of this event is not change one’s opinion’s, but a hope to change one’s posture.  We seek to be a bridge builders in our community.”  This screening is part of the Welcoming Conversations Project, a California statewide initiative led by Active Voice, a San Francisco-based media strategy organization, The project seeks to spark faith-based dialogue and reflection about sexuality and inclusion in churches and communities across the state, and foster better teen-parent relationships around these issues.. 
For information about:
·         The Visalia event or to RSVP, please contact Niel Climer of Disciples of Christ-Visalia at or 627-6362, or visit
·         The state-wide Shelby Knox Redux Welcoming Conversations Project, contact Shaady Salehi at or 415-287-0474
The original documentary The Education of Shelby Knox visit


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