Skittles LGBT Softball is Back!



It’s that time again… the smell of the dirt and grass, the sounds from the bleachers, your favorite LGBT softball team taking the field. The Skittles Spring season kicks off this Friday, March 23 at Plaza Park in Visalia, Field #2 at 7:10 pm. We have some new players this season but most importantly, a new look. We hope you can join us for the season opener and cheer us on!

A new rule this year, actually an old one that they will start to enforce, no outside alcohol can be brought to the park. It can only be purchased from the concession stand and consumed on fields 2 & 3. The VPD stated they will be policing the fields and issuing tickets to those in violation. I’m not sure how much they will enforce it, but I wanted to give you all warning. So, drink at your own risk.


Skittles Spring 2012 Schedule


March 23                            7:10                                     Plaza #2

March 30                            6:00                                     Jefferson

April 6                                6:00                                     Plaza #1

April 13                              8:20                                     Plaza #2

April 20                              Bye                                      No Game

April 27                              9:30                                     Plaza #1

May 4                                6:00                                     Plaza #2

May 11                              9:30                                     Plaza #1

May 18                              8:20                                     Plaza #2

May 25                              7:10                                     Plaza #1

June 1                               6:00                                     Plaza #3

Let’s Plaaay Baaaall
See you OUT on the field!


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